Make contact with parents

Our logo: Awas (= beware) Kaki (= feet), meaning: "Beware of your feet".

This has to do with soccer, many children play bare feet.
In Dutch “Beware of your feet” means: "Do something for your closest".

Goal: Facilitate projects to improve welfare of disadvantaged children and older people.

How we want to achieve our goal

  • Developing of youthsoccer by teaching Indonesian coaches how to coach and practise
  • Using our soccerclub as an example
  • Educate players to a level as high as possible
  • Developing values and standards with a Christian vision
  • To make contact to disadvantaged children and older people as wide as possible by using soccer

With youth soccer we mean the ages from 5-18 year old. This means a soccer education of twelve years. We believe that we can reach the biggest result by educating local coaches and to organize it in such a way that all participants (coaches and parents) see this and will apply.


All parents and family members accompany their children. There is a constant contact between the club and the families. Most of the families are disadvantaged, if possible we want to help these people.

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